John Barber Art Portfolio Website

V4 Development recently redesigned and launched artist John Barber’s website. We took the artist’s existing website, showcasing his notable career and work, and developed it into a responsive site. The site now displays his portfolio in a proportion-based grid format. The fluidity of the new site allows Barber’s work, and the immense detail within, to be viewed effectively across all devices. John Barber has painted the Eastern Seaboard for nearly four decades. The nationally acclaimed artist, however, does not just paint scenes but depicts the stories behind them, truly capturing the history and essence of the water by work of art. Barber and his family have owned a home in Deltaville, Virginia for many years. Having spent a great deal of time there, the artist’s most familiar subject is the Chesapeake Bay. Barber currently resides in Richmond, Virginia, splitting his time between original and commissioned work. Visit John Barber's website to observe some of the artist’s paintings, spanning over fifty years.

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