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At V4 Development, you'll find a collaborative and highly caffeinated crew of elite programmers. Here, new developers can launch their careers and experienced ones can get the opportunity to lead projects and help clients shape their vision. We offer flexible vacation, health benefits, Free Lunch Fridays and a fun, collaborative atmosphere. We've got a pretty cool office as well. Are you a college student looking for a creative or programming internship in Richmond? We've accepted students from Virginia Commonwealth University, William & Mary and other Virginia schools. Can't find any openings listed, Hit us up and tell us what you can do.

Developer Core Values

Most likely the four most important values for a developer-centric company:

1. Team.

Recognize that software development is an inherently social, team-driven experience – everyone on the team should get into a rhythm of regularly communicating and working together on tough issues, whether it’s done remotely / asynchronously / in-person – whatever.

No one codes off in a corner by themselves at V4; good programmers do their best work when they’re working with effective teams.

We do our best to make sure our developers have suitable tools and processes for managing their projects and work in concert with their teammates.

2. Communication.

The ability to communicate concisely is a developer’s most important skill, even more than ability to code – everyone on the team should be able to articulate new ideas, improvements, and issues. If you can’t concisely explain a problem or a new idea, how else are you supposed to win the support of your teammates?

Developers at V4 are encouraged to blog about writing software, give talks at conferences and user groups, and contribute to open source projects – because these are all forcing functions that improve a developer’s most important tool: the ability to concisely and understandably communicate technical content.

3. Learn.

Continuously learn and improve – a developer’s job is to model the complexity of the real world, and to do that well you need to learn more about the world itself and improve the tools you use to model it.

V4 fields a wide range of technical challenges we have to solve everyday, so we invest a lot into helping our team members improve their skills, learn new technologies, and play with new tools.

4. Adapt.

Pragmatic programmers only – we have to optimize for flexibility and speed of iteration.

Everything must be designed in a way that it can be changed quickly if needed so we can frequently deliver new versions of our products. Performance, “scalable” design, and all of that other /r/Programming stuff only becomes a concern once it becomes a real problem rather than a theoretical problem.

This is how developers at V4 are expected to approach problems: pragmatically. There is no room for design / platform / language dogma in our shop.

Employee Benefits

V4 Values You

We value every employee just as a part of our family. That's why we offer great health insurance, flexible and paid time off, 401k matching, stock options, free lunch fridays, group outings and a few extras you might not expect. We trust our team to get the work done, even if that's occasionally from home while your sofa's being delivered.

Benefits include:

Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.

Sara Blakely on Inc

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