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# About V4 Development

V4 Development

We're a full-service web and mobile development company in Richmond, Virginia. We like big ideas and big problems - and we know that no single solution fits every situation.

  • Mobile Applications (iOS and Android)
  • Website Development
  • Infrastructure
  • UI/UX
  • Security
  • Design
Technology Development Solutions

V4 Development offers mobile development, front-end/back-end development, security and UI/UX design to help entrepreneurs, large companies and nonprofits achieve their business goals. We start at the molecular level, developing native apps, sites and systems from scratch. 

Whether building an Augmented Reality (“AR”) app using Apple’s new ARKit in iOS 11 with Unity and/or vuforia or AI or consulting on securitystrategy and system architecture to get your web portal application idea to market, we at V4 Development love any challenge.

We have experience building native Apple iOS and Android AppsAPIs wrapped around existing databasesplatform/software as a service (“PasS” or “SaaS”)integrations with hardware from POS systems to payment processors and gateways, custom modules or plugins to extend existing content management systems like WordpressOctoberCMS, ConcreteDrupal or even Magento and 23221 and so much more.

Our extremely talented group of engineers are versed in many languages and highly proficient in SwiftObjective-CJava for AndroidNodeJSAngularPythonJavaGolang and PHP.

The V4 team has strong experience in open source technologies and infrastructure such as LinuxMySQL/MariaDB/Galera ClusterPostreSQLRedisApacheNginxHAProxyDocker and Kubernetes. This includes many common NoSQL databases and other technologies.

Our standards for programming and infrastructure is to deploy and utilize the latest in security technologies and encryption measures. This insures ensure data is secure both in transit and at rest.

Our Mission

We strive to develop a global collective mind through technology, innovation, leadership and partnerships.

Our Philosophy
1. The job dictates the tools

Developers play favorites. Most prefer one platform or language over another, and so they'll rewrite a client's site in their platform of choice. We do things differently: We assess the customer's needs, then we figure out the best tools to use.

2. Function comes before form

You've probably downloaded an app or two that seduced you with its glossy good looks — and then discovered it didn't actually do anything useful. Many development shops put design first, with development as an afterthought. We reverse that: We make it work. Then we make it look and sound good.

3. Homemade's better than store-bought

We don't outsource development work or repackage stale code as something new. We're versatile generalists who aren't tied to a single platform, and we use a hybrid of agile and structured methodology to get work done rapidly and right.

Core Values

V4 Development's core values are the foundation of the organization. They represent the way we behave towards each other, our colleagues and our clients, and drive our approach to business. We have lots of fun doing what we love—and these values are inherent in everything we do.

1. Craftsmanship

Our love for what we do drives us to reach for perfection. We don't just build software; we approach development as a well-honed craft. We are experts who believe in being innovative while having fun, and working continuously to refine our skills.

2. Excellence

We are committed to excellence in everything we do, from the technology we choose to the people who make up our team. With excellence as a guiding principle, we deliver quality results that ensure client satisfaction.

3. Integrity

We do what we say we'll do, and we operate with transparency and honesty. We treat each team member or client with absolute consideration and respect.

4. Collaboration

We work cohesively and see each person on our team as a critical contributor. We prize teamwork, and support each other in providing the best results for our clients. No one on our team is superior to another - we help each other out, in the spirit of personal growth. Together, with Optimism, We acknowledge and understand the reality of the challenges we face, and we always find a path forward. We respect one another enough to give and receive honest feedback. We champion the best ideas, no matter where they originate.

5. Passionate

We strive for excellence, go the extra mile and have fun in what we do.

6. Humble

We constantly look to improve and never forget the importance of our clients and colleagues.

We support our community

Locally, two of V4's partners serve on the board of ECPI University, a career-focused school with a heavy emphasis on technology. We're proud to have launched the careers of several talented developers from ECPI.

Careers at V4 Development

At V4 Development, you'll find a collaborative and highly caffeinated crew of elite programmers. Here, new developers can launch their careers and experienced ones can get the opportunity to lead projects and help clients shape their vision. We offer flexible vacation, health benefits, in a fun, collaborative atmosphere. Are you a college student looking for a creative or programming internship in Richmond? We've accepted students from Virginia Commonwealth University, William & Mary and other Virginia schools. Can't find any openings listed, Hit us up and tell us what you can do.